100 Day Party



100 Day Party! Ms. Walsh's 6th class enjoyed celebrating their 100th Day in school on Wednesday 4th February.  They had been counting the days since the first day of term and had helped think of the various activities for the 100 Challenges. They really enjoyed the activities!


A student in Ms. Walsh's class, Divine Oses-Oyedoh wrote this piece about the celebrations:


"We had our 100 days in school party on the 4th of February. We had it to celebrate reaching 100 days in school. We did different activities that had to do with the number 100. We could also do physical, mental or silent activities. By that time we had collected 100 cans of food to give to charity. Some physical activities we did were 100 jumping jacks and a mental activity we did was to count to 100 in 5s in our heads. During the break we got a share of 100 sweets each.


Before we lined up to go home we went to the playground and made the number 100 with our bodies. The best part of the day was that we got no normal homework but we still had to do our maths homework! "