6th class

NEW!! Radio Content produced by Mr. Lynch's 6th Class



Hugo, Jonah, Esther, Andrei and Oisin ( from Mr Lynch's 6th class)  produced the first episode of a radio show called The Second Last Word last month.


100 Day Party



100 Day Party! Ms. Walsh's 6th class enjoyed celebrating their 100th Day in school on Wednesday 4th February.  They had been counting the days since the first day of term and had helped think of the various activities for the 100 Challenges. They really enjoyed the activities!


Ms. Walsh's 6th class read the stories they wrote to Senior Infants


Ms. Walsh's 6th class wrote Christmas stories and illustrated them. They read these fantasic stories to the children in Ms. Keane's Senior Infants class. Ms. Keane's class loved these stories so much and realy enjoyed listening to the children in 6th read to them.

Well done to Ms. Walsh's class. You should all be so proud that you are authors.

Maith sibh.

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