Parent's Council



What is the Parents Council?

Oatland’s Parents Council promotes the interest of the students in co-operation with the Principal, Board or Mangement, teachers and pupils of our school.  Our Parents Council oragnise many activities and these  all assist to achieve 2 main roles within Oatlands.

• We work in partnership with the Principal, Board of Management and the whole school community for the betterment of the children in the school.

• We support and empower parents to be active in the best interests of their children’s educational lives.

The Council meets once a month and if you have any issues, suggestions, ideas or comments which you would like brought to our attention, please contact your class rep, who acts as a link between you and the School Board.

Since the work of the council is voluntary a helping hand is never going to be turned away so, even if you don't wish to be on the council itself, please do not hesitate to get involved in helping to run any of the many events.

One of the first actions of this year's Council was to ratify the constitution which was drawn up over the course of last year. Click here for a copy of the constitution


The Executive Committee of the Parents Council for 2018 / 2019

  • Chairperson - Jen Trzeciak
  • Vice Chair - Darana O’Callaghan
  • Secretary - Evija Kozlova
  • Treasurer - James Molloy


Class Representatives on the Parent’s Council 2018/2019



Orna  Ryan

Melis Bilgi

Basak Ellibes

Batsuieri Lkham

Yvette Tsangy

April  King

Evija Kozlova

Catherine Rossiter

Oznur Orgun



Rafael Gutierrez

Raziye Cookun


FIRST CLASS                           

Patricia Deme

Enrica Pascarella


SECOND CLASS                                 

James Molloy

Vicky Cuddy



Laura Donohue

Miriam  Gormally

Teresa Farrell




Claire Shiels

Cihan Bakal

Tara Breen

Darana O'Callaghan

Kristen Fox

Syia Dooky



Darragh O Kelly

Malika Hammani



Teish Reilly

Elaine McCann

Claire O Reilly