Green School

The Green Schools movement is organised under the auspices of AnTaisce which in its turn is the body responsible for the international environmental education programmes of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) in Ireland. It is partnered throughout Ireland by the relevant local authorities, which in the case of Oatlands Primary School is Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and is sponsored by Repak and the Wrigley Company.

Oatlands Primary initially became involved in 2005 under the previous Principal Mr. G. Cagney. The initiative has continued to grow under the current Principal Ms. B. O’Sullivan.

Green Schools is an environmental education programme whose aim is to raise an awareness of and sensitivity to our inherited environment and to encourage environmentally friendly practices in children and indeed the wider community.

This involves following a programme laid out by Green Schools Ireland which recognises compliance with its aims by the granting of Green Flags as an award to schools whose efforts are considered satisfactory. A high degree of local autonomy is granted provided the schools actions are in accordance with the aims of Green Schools Ireland.

Oatlands Primary School has now achieved a Green Flag for Recycling, an Energy Flag and a Water Flag.   At the present time efforts are being made to achieve a Travel Flag.

The initiative involves co-operation between parents, teachers, children and various local bodies both statutory and voluntary. The school particularly appreciates the co-operation of parents in the Take Home Your Waste policy. This has greatly reduced litter and waste in the school area.

Information about Green School Activities in Oatlands can be had from any member of staff.

Details of the aims, structure and activities of the movement can be found at the addresses below